In Plain Sight....

/ɪn ˈpleɪn saɪt/



..... in a place that is easily seen.


Too often we live in a state where our tendency is to have our minds clouded by thoughts or more so these days, our attention is riveted to our "smart" devices. This   behavioral lack of awareness or being on "automatic pilot" is beneficial in that it allows us to engage in simultaneous activities and not so beneficial in that it creates a state of unawareness of our surroundings.


To live in today's world we have evolved to put our mental processing on automatic pilot has been an adaptive necessity. It has allowed us to manage familiar tasks  such as walking, driving a car, or typing on a keyboard while at the same time being able to consciously divert our attention elsewhere. One downside to this adaptation is that many of us have lost some degree of awareness of our surroundings and the emotional satisfaction and aesthetic joy that can come from being surprised in an everyday situation.


This photo essay is intended to encourage the viewer to intentionally disengage from automatic pilot and bring their awareness back to the here and now. It provides  the viewer with a glimpse of the "surprises" that while always available are all too often overlooked.